How a Commercial Construction or Manufacturing Loan with Mobilization Funding is Different

Mobilization Funding’s lending platform is designed to make the loan application and funds distribution processes efficient, secure and as timely as possible. The application, approval and disbursement process typically takes about five business days.

Construction Loan Process

How Our Commercial Loans Work

Step One: Get in touch.

There are two easy ways to get the application process started:

  • Call Mobilization Funding at 866-44-APPLY and speak with one of our funding representatives.
  • Complete the brief online application.

This first step will ensure that you meet our basic funding requirements surrounding the scope of the project, basic company history and the amount of capital requested.

Step Two: Review your contract.

Unlike other lenders, which focus heavily on credit score, average revenues or how much personal collateral you can provide, Mobilization Funding’s top priority and concern is the contract or purchase order for the job you are looking to mobilize. Once you provide a copy of your contract, our team will review the terms and exact details of the job.

Step Three: Collect and share documentation.

In order to complete the underwriting process, we will need to review additional financial details and documents including recent tax returns and bank statements. When the underwriting process is finished, we will send you a term sheet that specifies exactly how much money the loan will cost you in the amount of time you requested. No signature or commitment is required.

Step Four: Sign on the dotted line and get mobilized.

Once you approve the term sheet, we will send you a final contract to sign. That’s it! Our team will transfer the first installment of funds to your Disbursement account so that you can start ordering materials, securing permits, setting up equipment rentals and getting back to business. Please note: The application, approval and disbursement process typically takes about five business days. 

The Advantage of Mobilization Funding Commercial Loans

One of the best ways to move your business forward is to partner with a company that is committed to your mission and is knowledgeable about your industry. Our Mobilization Funding lending platform gives you an opportunity to secure the capital you need before the job even begins. Our repayment plan is in line with cash flow cycles of your business and the collateral for the loan is your job contract, not a share in your company. We are experts in construction and manufacturing financing and loans. We work to make sure you have the funds you need, so you can focus on doing the work you were hired to do.

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